'Understanding Functional Programming' book announcement

So, finally, I’ve got round to working on a book based on the contents of this site. Thanks to everyone who has been nagging me to do this!

I’m publishing it on LeanPub, and it is working out well. Their workflow is markdown based, which is great, because that’s what this site is generated from also.

You can see the table of contents using the “Learn More” link above.

It will not have all the content that you see on this site – instead the focus will be on the core principles that you need to understand in order to be comfortable with functional programming: functions as values, partial application, algebraic types, pattern matching, etc. I’m not going to include F# specific topics like computation expressions or any object oriented stuff.

But of course, I will include the ever-popular “railway oriented programming” post.

I’m aiming to finish it all by the end of the year. As always, comments and feedback are welcome!


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