Functional Programming Design Patterns

Slides and video from my talk

This page contains links to the slides and code from my talk “Functional Programming Design Patterns”. Over 160,000 views on YouTube!

Here’s the blurb:

In object-oriented development, we are all familiar with design patterns such as the Strategy pattern and Decorator pattern, and design principles such as SOLID.

The functional programming community has design patterns and principles as well.

This talk will provide an overview of some of these, and present some demonstrations of FP design in practice.


Below is the video recorded at NDC London 2014 (click image to view video). It’s an hour long and I whiz through as fast as I can!

Video from NDC London 2014

I did the same talk at the London F# Meetup in January, 2015. This time, there were questions during the talk, and I went a bit slower. As a result, it’s about two hours long!

Video from F#unctional Londoners, Jan 15, 2015


Here are the slides that I used at NDC London 2014:

If you like my way of explaining things with pictures, take a look at my "Domain Modeling Made Functional" book! It's a friendly introduction to Domain Driven Design, modeling with types, and functional programming.


After I did this talk at BuildStuff 2014, one particular slide got retweeted a lot.

Alas, it got misinterpreted by both the pro-FP and anti-FP people!

Even Uncle Bob wrote a post about it!

Oh dear! Humor doesn’t work out of context. So in the NDC and Skills Matter version of the talk I decided to make it clearer that I was making fun of FP people who live in an ivory tower:

Ivory Tower

Hope you enjoy the talk!


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