Domain Modeling Made Functional (ebook and paper)

This book is a mix of Domain Driven Design, modeling with types, and an intro to functional programming with F# (composition, error handling, etc). It’s a bit of an experiment, but AFAIK there is nothing else like it out there.

It does have some chapters on stuff I haven’t blogged about (yet) such how to design a functional architecture, two whole chapters on serialization and persistence of algebraic types (important but not often covered in detail), and how to evolve an existing design.

You can get it from the Pragmatic Programmers site or order on Amazon US or Amazon UK. Also available from most other suppliers around the world such as the Book Depository.

Buy from Pragmatic Programmers site (eBook and paper)

Amazon US Amazon UK

Amazon CA Amazon DE

The Book Depository (Free delivery worldwide)

If you enjoy the book, I’d be grateful if you could leave a review on the Goodreads page.

Domain Modeling Made Functional

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