This page contains links to the slides and code from my talk “Enterprise Tic-Tac-Toe”.

Here’s the blurb for the talk:

Follow along as I ridiculously over-engineer a simple game to demonstrate how functional programming can be used to create a real-world “enterprise-ready” application.

Topics covered include: encoding business rules into types, data hiding with parametric polymorphism, using functions for capability-based security, exposing a REST API with HATEAOS, the functional approach to logging, actors, scalability and more.

This talk is based on my blog posts on this topic:

Also related are my posts and talks on capability based security and DDD:


Video from NDC Oslo, Jun 17, 2015 (Click image to view video)

Video from NDC Oslo, Jun 17, 2015


Slides from NDC Oslo, Jun 17, 2015

Enterprise Tic-Tac-Toe from my slides on Slideshare


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